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Sometimes it’s worth going the extra mile to get guaranteed peace of mind. When it comes to surveillance companies, the idea of working with them can seem too far out of reach. But the reality is a far cry from the moody darkness in film and TV.

PD Risk is a friendly, approachable service that’s always here to help.

Whether you’re suspicious about an employee, worried for a loved one or want to straighten things out with a spouse, there’s a strategy that can be actioned with our team of seasoned experts. Taking the fear out of a scary situation, we’ll work alongside you to ensure the best results possible.

Take proactive steps to find the truth and get in touch with PD Risk Management today.

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Total Discretion And Transparency

With years of training and experience in the Royal Marines and Greater Manchester Police Force, we’re one of the UK’s surveillance companies that understand the need for transparency.

Regardless of your situation, our team of skilled experts will ensure you’re provided with complete information from beginning to end. Working with you rather than for you, we’ll discuss the immediate details needed for your case. Once we’re ready to go, your personal private investigator will carry out a thorough plan with total discretion.

Need hard evidence to support your case? PD Risk Management offers timestamped video and photo evidence as well as a detailed documented report.

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Working With The Best

Not only does PD Risk come with great training, but it also comes with great equipment.

Using the latest technology to carry out detailed investigations, our team’s rigorous training speaks for itself. The combination of the two ensures you’ll get the best results possible regardless of your situation.

With experience in providing private surveillance for both corporate and individual clients, there’s no stone left unturned when it comes to extremely personal matters.

As far as we’re concerned, your well-being is our number 1 priority.

A Well-Rounded Service

Need to go a step further than surveillance by itself? PD Risk Management has plenty of services that put your security first.

While surveillance companies might be limited to investigations alone, our team extend their skillset to providing security wherever you need it.

Install CCTV and top-of-the-line alarms in your company and private properties, or drill down further into better fire and security maintenance. Have access control set up in one key place, and replace your dated fire alarms that always get overlooked.

Have someone special that needs extra security? Hire our trained professionals for executive close protection.

Next Steps

No matter your circumstances, surveillance companies have a duty to do their best for you.

As a business that aims to go above and beyond, PD Risk Management always ensure your well-being and security needs are being fulfilled.

Whether your worries concern employees, friends, or family, there’s a plan of action waiting for you.

Contact PD Risk Management today to see how we can best help you.

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