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Private Surveillance Companies Manchester

There is a reason why we rank as one of the highest amongst all private surveillance companies Manchester has to offer. This is because we provide best-in-class service, a blend of our highly trained staff and the latest technology on offer, we provide private surveillance in Manchester that is unmatched. Working across the entire Manchester area, our team operate under the law, whilst solving cases you have assigned to them. It is a perfectly legal way to get answers to those questions that are burning deep inside of you. We aim to deliver.

Private Detective Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Why Hire – Private Surveillance Companies Manchester

When it comes to surveillance a key area of expertise that can only be gained through experience is local knowledge and know-how. The ability to get around the Manchester area seamlessly whilst also blending in covertly. We are proud to say that we have an established team of local experts that will attend to your case. We have the investigative methods, the tools, the skills and the experience to deliver the utmost client satisfaction. We will also provide you with a detailed report of our findings as well as any evidence we feel you may require.

Our Services

There is a range of services that Private Surveillance Companies Manchester have on offer. When it comes to surveillance, we provide the following:

Cheating Partners

If you have any suspicions with regards to your relationship, maybe it is just a hunch or maybe you want peace of mind. Feel free to get in touch for a private and confidential discussion. We will track this matter for you and provide you with the photography and videography you need to resolve this issue.

Undercover investigations

Our technology goes far beyond what you can find online or through the eyes of CCTV cameras. Over the years we have provided surveillance for workplace absenteeism, theft, espionage, pyramid schemes, fraud, drug use, the list goes on. We have one of the highest private surveillance companies Manchester success rate.


Looking for a family member, an old friend or someone that owes you money? Hire us and we will help trace the individual you are looking for; we know the area well and have access to more sophisticated data to help narrow the search. Once we have gathered our initial findings, we will then deploy our surveillance teams to find the missing person professionally and efficiently.

Contact Us

If you do require our services and need surveillance to be carried out as soon as possible, then get in touch as soon as you can. You can either ring the secure line below and provide the details of your case to one of our telephone agents, or you can fill out a form and contact us via email. Rest assured that all telephone communications are treated with full privacy and confidentiality. We recommend you provide us with as much information as possible before one of our agents gets in touch with you.

Wherever you are in the UK, please get in touch via phone or email, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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