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PD Risk is a specialised team that provides an industry-leading private investigation service in the North West of England. Individuals, groups or companies can hire our private investigators to carry out investigatory services. We are here for clients with personal difficulties and business matters, no matter how large or small. Whether you need to uncover infidelity, survey someone, identify fraud or trace missing people, our detective private investigators are on hand to provide you with the solutions you need. We are available all 365 days a year to discuss and resolve any case that may arise. Privately and confidentially, we will consult you on the matters concerned to ensure we capture all the facts and provide you with a tailored solution accordingly. With our many years of experience within the industry, we can immediately understand your requirements and assess the validity of your suspicions and doubts, to come to a conclusion as soon as practicable.

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Our Private Investigation Team

Our private detectives have CVs that cover experiences from both the public and private sector, as well as relevant experience. This blend of experience and qualifications has given us some of the best private investigators in the North West, which allows us to deliver a high success rate to you. What makes us unique is that we are equipped with highly sophisticated tools and techniques to give us the upper hand in our private detective investigations.

We can find information about specific people almost instantaneously. We take the traditional and well-established industry techniques and overlay them with the latest tools and technology available in the investigative industry. Our North West Private Investigators operate covertly to ensure minimum detection and maximum efficiency. Our Team is richly diverse and brings a wealth of experience. They have personified their skills and can integrate into any area or community instructed by clients.

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About Our Private Investigation Services

We pride ourselves on providing services to mitigate personal and financial risk. Our fully trained Private Investigation Service is secure, confidential and affordable to the everyday man and corporation of any size.
We provide a personal yet professional service with the help of our highly skilled private investigators who have experience from all walks of life. They are specialists when it comes to detection, background checking and fact-finding. They are trained on the latest techniques and technologies to ensure no stone is left unturned. We are proud to say that our private detectives can provide our services across the entire North West region.

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of myths, confusion and questions within this industry. Is it even allowed? It must cost so much? Are some of our favourites. That is why we put together a FAQ dedicated to answer queries and alleviate any concerns you may have.

What Can a Private Detective Actually Do?

Operating under the United Kingdom laws, our Private Investigators in the North West can legally perform checks (via our modern in-house technology), access all records in the public domain (including court and criminal records) and use the internet to investigate social media and related websites further. How we will evaluate the intelligence using our skills will be of most benefit to you.

How Do Private Investigators carry out activities legally?

Our private Detectives are legally permitted, upon instruction of the client, to carry out searches for people regardless of whether they have gone missing by their own means or unintentionally. For example, to avoid debt-related matters, some people will go as far as changing their names or moving to a different location. By leveraging on our investigative intelligence, we have the capabilities to look for such people whilst operating within a safe, legal framework. This is the same for when we perform other types of checks. Our private detectives or private investigators can carry out a wide range of checks, including criminal/credit searches and contact data/addresses.
Once we run the above activities through our tools and upon investigation, we can identify any ‘red flags’ for our clients. At this point, you can review the findings and further instruct us to carry out any further checks to seek additional investigative services. We recommend checks as an ideal first step for most of the services we provide. It is a good way to gauge a relationship early and give you satisfaction before entering any relationship. Always proceed with caution.
We have carried out these activities for various debt-related matters. There have been instances where an individual; wants to know more about another person, e.g., an in-law or even a future spouse. The world of business is also another important area. With the rise of sophisticated fraud and embezzlement, more checks are being carried out on potential business partners. We are happy to offer our services for all these types of personal or corporate scenario.

Isn’t it like stalking?

By law, our Private Investigators in the North West are allowed to follow people. It is important to note that our professionals always ensure that we are operating discreetly and confidentially. No target will ever know or be aware of the fact that they are under surveillance. Our ethos is to attend to our client’s brief; whilst operating covertly and legally, our private detectives, North West division, cover all central and domestic areas.

How Much Does it Cost?

This varies on a case-by-case basis and is dependent on the services you require. To give you some mind, the industry is priced per hour at a range up to £85 per hour. The more tailoring you require and a variety of different locations will, of course, impact pricing.

You can send in your information or call us on our private line on 0786 570 0782

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