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Hiring a Private Investigator in Bolton is no easy feat. It is a unique trade that requires specialised skills and talent. The issues can be wide-ranging, complex and highly sensitive. You may have reached a juncture where you need this to be tackled confidentially and discreetly whilst adhering to the latter of the law. That is where we come in, PD Risk Management. We are industry experts when it comes to surveillance and private investigation services. We cover the entire Bolton area and always operate covertly within the law. Our team consists of highly skilled professionals with extensive private investigative matters in the public and private sectors. They are friendly and professional. You can rest assured that all matters will be dealt with in a highly discreet and confidential manner. Our team is also trained to apply modern-day tools and technology alongside traditional investigative methods. The benefits of this are that it allows us to provide our clients with a tailored, affordable option whilst satisfying the objectives of the investigation promptly, driving a higher rate of success. We have been doing this successfully for many years.

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A Reliable Private Investigation Team in Bolton

Our Private Investigation Service in Bolton has an extremely varied workload; our agents will spend a lot of time carrying out sophisticated checks, securely analysing and gathering information and carrying out general detective duties.

Whether you are about to enter a business transaction with a shady character, have recently gained suspicion about your partner, or maybe you simply want justice for a personal vendetta. For all cases, our services will have you covered; we can provide covert surveillance operations and private investigators to help identify and gather evidence to support any case.

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Our Private Investigation Services in Bolton

As one of the best Private Detectives in Bolton, we have expanded our service offering to ensure you can get the most benefit from an investigation. We treat client needs at the heart of everything we do. Our covert surveillance operations and private investigators will help identify and gather evidence to support any case. We will also provide video and photo evidence after every task. All of our services operate within the remit of the law. This will allow all investigations to be carried out fairly and legally, causing no issues or concern further down the line.

Our Checks

The last 10 to 20 years have seen a digital revolution, and the rise of social media has made it even more important for us to know who we are dealing with. There are so many more opportunities for people to commit fraud and cover their true identity. Knowing who you are dealing with before entering into any transaction is now even more important, and with our checks, you will know exactly how trustworthy that person is. Whether it is online dating, companies or nannies, we have sophisticated tools that allow us to carry out enhanced checks and cover criminal and credit. We will give you all the investigators’ findings from the checks, and they will investigate any red flags further upon your request.


We can help you track down a family member, a friend who has maybe lost contact or maybe someone who is intentionally hiding. With fraud, there are many instances where people will go as far as changing their address location. We need to start this with you to provide some basic information such as a full name and date of birth, or anything else you might think is important. Then you leave it to our highly trained private detectives and investigators to take this information and apply their skills to locate the person as quickly as possible. We leverage our open-source intelligence to help us close such cases successfully and quickly.

Private Investigation

To assist you with your case, our private investigators cover the whole area of Bolton whether it’s the bustling city centre or the rural surrounding areas. They will apply their skills and approach this covertly and discreetly whilst operating within a legal framework. We have seasoned professionals in the field that have the ability to blend into any community you request whilst maintaining a discrete standard. If you have a hunch about infidelity or even a stalker, we will ensure that your heart and mind is put at ease after a comprehensive and successful investigation.


This is a service that requires a high amount of patience and a great deal of attention to detail, and that is something that we pride ourselves on. Our expert agents, coupled with high-quality videography and photography, will serve you with the best quality images and videos for your case whilst providing key insights and observations.

About PD Risk Management

PD Risk Management provides multiple services to mitigate many forms of personal or financial risk. We are a security company that provide critical security services such as CCTV installation and security maintenance.

However, a core offering of ours, should you ever need it is the provision of Private Investigation Services in Bolton. Our core values are to provide safety and security to you, and just like you, we want to find the truth.

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