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PD Risk Management is a dedicated team of experts that specialise in surveillance and private investigation matters. When it comes to hiring the perfect Private Detective Manchester, you need someone professional in their approach, specialised in what they do and has the qualifications to back this. Fortunately for you, our Private Investigators in Manchester tick all the boxes, bringing together over 10 years of experience. We work diligently in our approach and always put our evidence into reports and conclusions, which help our clients to digest our findings and give them the peace of mind they need

Hiring a Private Detective, Manchester

We are one of the top private detective agents in the Manchester area. This is because we always put the customer first and are focused on closing cases swiftly. We are experts in surveillance and investigations and can balance the requirements and secrecy that our clients want with solving the investigation, no matter how complex or whether it is a private, commercial or legal issue.

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If you want to hire a private detective in Manchester, the process is very simple, straightforward. All you need to do is get in touch with us, and we will assess the facts you have given us. We will then provide you with information on the type of service you need, what we need to get started, and how to carry out the investigation. A common question we get is ‘What about the Private detective Manchester cost’, rest assured we will always take your budget needs into account, depending on the unique nature of your case.

Private Detective and Surveillance Services

From Stockport to Rochdale we cover the entire Manchester area

We are very proud to represent the Private Detective Manchester market, and we fully appreciate that every case will bring its complexities. That is why we have developed a team of investigators that have skills in different disciplines, and are constantly adapting to changing circumstances and technological developments.

Our Private Detective Manchester Division have investigated in a wide range of matters, such as, marital affairs, unusual business transactions, locating family members and gather evidence for workplace absenteeism. The list goes on!

Our Private Investigation Manchester services include:

Private Investigations

We carry out investigations for various matters, and the main thing is that we want you to understand better what is happening and get to the truth. We have successfully concluded; Employee investigations, undercover investigations, sick leave investigations and related investigations.


We provide you with tracing support to help you find friends or family members. There could be other circumstances as well, maybe someone that owes you money or has borrowed your car and is no longer picking up the phone. We will help confirm locations and find a means of contact for you.


By utilising state of the art technology and HD photography, our team will covertly carry our surveillance for whenever you need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We can help you gather the evidence you need for personal, commercial or legal needs.

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If you are in the Manchester area and require detective, investigation or surveillance services, don’t hesitate to contact us. The quicker the private detective Manchester division can get started, the more likely we can resolve the case quicker.

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