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PD Risk Management provides solutions to mitigate risks; our private detective service in the Liverpool area is a bespoke offering. Whether you have your partner’s potential or are suspicious about prolonged absenteeism at the workplace, our services will have you covered.

Why Hire a Private Detective – Liverpool

It is human nature to have suspicions or the burning need to get peace of mind or proof of something bothering you. For such cases, we fulfil that need, alleviating those doubts and concerns you may have. You would be surprised at the volume of requests our private detectives in Liverpool get every year. The important thing for us is to deliver top customer service and carry ourselves in a professional, discreet and confidential manner.

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Our team of Private Investigators in the Liverpool area

When choosing our local private investigators in Merseyside, Liverpool, we have high barriers to entry. Our personnel come with industry experience across commercial, legal and public sectors; they are seasoned veterans and specialists in investigatory services. Their sole purpose is to ensure the investigation is carried out to your specific needs and requirements. Taking advantage of local knowledge, our team will have an open and friendly communication line with you whilst acting covertly and within the remits of the law. Over the years, our team have concluded investigations related to infidelity, tracing, legal cases and corporate disputes.

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Our Private Detective and Surveillance Services in Liverpool

Our core service offering focuses on a few areas.

Private Investigations

We like to refer to ourselves as the modern-day Sherlock Holmes. Carrying that heritage of thorough investigation, leaving no stone unturned, coupled with the use of state-of-the-art technology to help with our investigations. From the point of initiation, our private investigation in Liverpool will commence. Our team of Merseyside detectives will covertly conduct fieldwork whilst collating all findings and evidence for you. We operate night and day to ensure you get the kind of justice you are seeking for.


This is for those that need to be reunited with a loved one or track down someone mischievous, e.g. a tenant that has not paid rent. Without experience and the right equipment, this will be very difficult for DYI. Provide our skilled team with the information you have, and we will use our tracing technologies and skills to locate the missing person for you.


Like those movies and tv shows your work, our private detectives in Liverpool do the hard graft and survey day and night to assist with investigatory services or a one-off request you have given us, e.g. confirmation is someone who they say they are. Regardless of what surveillance activity you need, we provide utmost confidentiality and are here to serve you.

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