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Private Detective Leeds

We are PD Risk Management, industry experts in surveillance and private investigation services. Hiring a Private Detective in Leeds requires a lot of diligence, as you need someone you can trust and rely on professionally and discreetly. Our Private Investigators in Leeds bring with them 10+ years of experience across multiple disciplines, utilising the latest technologies available. We carry our private investigations in Leeds and surrounding areas, operating covertly and adhering to the law. We have a dedicated team of Private Detectives Leeds, locally-based working hard to service client in carrying out investigations and providing evidence. Our team is highly trained to carry out investigations confidential to ensure everything runs smoothly for our clients. Our team covers all practices, legal, family, commercial and tenancy, and are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, always on hand to attend to your private investigation needs. We have been servicing clients in West Yorkshire for many years. We have slowly built a reputation for becoming one of the leading private detectives in Leeds, closing cases and making our clients happier and ultimately safer.

Private Detective Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Private Detective Surveillance Private Investigation

Private Detective and Surveillance Services In Leeds, West Yorkshire

We choose a select list of private detectives in Leeds. It gives them the upper hand; knowing the Leeds area, the key locations, towns and streets are crucial to maximising the potential of findings in an investigation whilst acting covertly throughout.

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A Reliable Private Investigation Team in Leeds

The reasons you require such a service is non-exhaustive; some people do not even realise they need such services until they are told, or it is too late, something we want to avoid. We have assisted with suspicious infidelity in relationships, due diligence for business transactions, keeping an eye on tenants, gathering evidence for lawyers and corporate executives, and tracing and surveillance to reunite loved ones.

If this resonates with you, then look no further as we are here to deliver for you. Our services include:

  • Tracing
  • Surveillance
Why choose PD Risk Management for your private investigation

We will always collate for all of our services and gather evidence for our clients to ensure you have an audit trail of your suspicions. We are always operating within the legal boundaries provided to us by the law. An A-grade private detective in Leeds will always use modern techniques to gather photo and video evidence to support his/her investigation. For all the different types of cases you may present, our services will have you covered. We will assign a private investigator in Leeds right away, so you have a local point of contact who can then start utilising investigatory techniques to start the fieldwork.

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If you are based in Leeds and require detective, investigation or surveillance services, then please get in touch as soon as possible. The quicker our private detective in the Leeds divisions can get started, the more likely the case can be closed. Please fill out the contact form here and provide as much detail as possible; one of our private detectives in Leeds will then get in touch. Alternatively, you can always call us right away.

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People Tracing Services

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Trace a person from an address that is either unknown or older than 10 years

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Doorstep Tracing Service

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