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There’s nothing worse than fearing for a loved one’s safety. If someone you know is lost or in danger, there’s always the perfect person on hand to find out more.

With a highly skilled and approachable team, PD Risk Management work to put the personal touch first.

Taking person trace UK-wide, our team will stop at nothing to get the job done. Operating completely within the law, all operations are discreet, detailed, and impeccable in strategy.

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Personal Surveillance Service

Like it or not, everyone is likely to need the help of an investigator at some point. With an experienced team that takes confidentiality seriously, find the support that you deserve for any difficult time.

Risk is never worth it, especially when it comes to someone you care about. Having trained in the Royal Marines and Greater Manchester Police Forces, there’s nothing our team doesn’t know about a thorough investigation. Regardless of your situation, there are always ways to support what you need to find out.

If you’re looking for a friendly, approachable yet detailed service to help you in your hour of need, look no further.

Private Detective Surveillance Private Investigation

Highly Trained, Highly Skilled

We know that everyone experiences tough times and periods of uncertainty, so we want a provide a service to match.

Using the latest technology, our team provides timestamped photo and video evidence as part of our person trace UK package. After finding out the starting information we need, PD Risk will work alongside you to develop a personalised strategy to support your case. All information is kept securely, with complete disposal on completion of your case.

Our services have been used all over the world while our team strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction.

A Well-Rounded Service

If you’re concerned for a loved one, there are plenty of ways to ensure their total safety.

Go the extra mile with our executive close protection package, ideal for both residential and personal enquiries. Our private investigation caters to those looking to solve problems at home and at work, giving you the peace of mind you deserve.

Kit your home out with a top-of-the-range CCTV kit, or go the extra mile with full home access installation. Keep your loved ones safe at home with our house alarm service, with fire and security maintenance only ever a phone call away.

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Whether your loved one is missing or not, there are no lengths we won’t go to to protect them. When the worst happens, our surveillance services are on hand to find out what you need to know.

No matter if we’re focussed on person trace UK or other areas of personal security, our clients remain our priority. When you work with us, you get the best.

For discreet and friendly surveillance measures that work to make your loved ones safe, look no further. Get in touch with PD Risk Management today to find out more.

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