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Matrimonial Surveillance in Manchester


Loyalty is a fundamental pillar of a happy and successful relationship. When loyalty ceases to exist, the fate of the relationship follows soon after. Most partners can gauge when something is amiss, but going to the source of the problem is challenging at the best of times.

If you have suspicions that your partner has not been themselves without any rational explanation, it is perhaps time to reach out to PD Risk Management, who are the experts at answering the tough questions when it comes to matrimonial Surveillance in Manchester.

Why should you accept empty words and promises from your partner when you can get concrete answers to questions giving you anxiety and panic attacks?

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Abrupt changes in schedule, distant demeanour and peculiar behaviour are all clear signs that your partner may not be faithful to you. However, in several cases, the reason for behaviour may be due to another utterly unrelated reason which is why the collection of solid evidence is necessary.

Confirming suspicions whether your partner is cheating is oftentimes difficult. To uncover the truth, a reliable matrimonial Surveillance in Manchester is required, which is not only discreet but have the right knowledge and experience to handle sensitive cases.

Matrimonial Surveillance in Manchester

Our experienced private detectives can figure out the tough answers so you don’t have to.

Signs to look out for

Following are some red flags to look out for, which are indicators that your partner may not be faithful after all:

  • Distant behaviour previously not witnessed
  • Evasive behaviour while handling their phones in your presence
  • Odd work schedules and late shifts
  • The sharp increase in computer usage especially during odd hours
  • Distinct smells such as perfumes, aftershave, alcohol etc.
  • Being physically distant
  • Being emotionally unavailable

PD Risk Management treats each case with sensitivity and respect. We provide tailored packages based on the specific requirements of our esteemed clients. Our team of experts are qualified and highly experienced in the field of matrimonial Surveillance in Manchester. Being results-focused, we ensure to gather solid evidence which would provide conclusive proof of the facts.

Conducting impartial investigations are our forte, and unearthing the facts is our key objective. This is why we provide digital evidence such as photographs and videos. Unlike other investigators, we focus on evidence-based results rather than biased speculation. Our high standards of results are achieved by conducting a thorough matrimonial Surveillance in Manchester, tracking your partner’s activities over some time.

  • Social media and online checks
  • Mobile phone bills
  • Browsing history, computer forensics
  • Changes in assets/asset history
  • GPS vehicle tracking
  • Criminality checks
  • Employment history checks
  • Text messages and calls
  • Marital history/Divorce checks


Worried about how your partner has been acting of late? Don’t wait and get in touch with our team today.

Speak to a member of our team who will assist you every step to way to ensure you are provided with a hassle-free experience with matrimonial Surveillance in Manchester. At PD Risk Management, your satisfaction is of paramount importance!

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