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When looking for local private investigator agencies, you want somewhere that’s good at everything. From confidential surveillance to high-quality security installation, your peace of mind is paramount.

For services that centre your personal needs, the name to remember is PD Risk.

A friendly, discreet team with a wealth of experience, PD Risk is the ultimate private investigation service to rely on. Utilising the latest technology and refined techniques, your personal goals are the priority for a successful outcome.

For friendly local private investigator agencies, get in touch with PD Risk to see how we can best help you.

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Services With a Smile

Who said that private investigation, surveillance and security have to be scary? Entering into an investigation might seem like a daunting prospect, but our expert team are on hand to guide you every step of the way.

If you need refreshed security measures, covert surveillance or a detailed investigation, PD Risk is the team for the job.

Run by highly qualified and licenced professionals, we maintain exceptionally high standards. Working from our industry experience, we can design the perfect package that’s tailor-made for your needs. With backgrounds in the Royal Marines and the Greater Manchester police force, PD Risk has a confident pair of hands you can trust.

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Private Investigation & Surveillance

Are you worried about the actions of those around you? When you’re worried your world isn’t truly honest, private investigation and surveillance are the ideal way forward.

Our services fall well within the law, using covert techniques to ensure any investigations are handled with complete discretion. PD Risk investigators will remain completely undetected, while always acting in your personal best interests.

For the ultimate peace of mind, our investigations start with prioritised information. From there, PD Risk will work with you to build a strategy that gives you what you need, providing a detailed report on our findings.

Security & Installation

From CCTV to access control, security is a serious business. Reduce risks of vandalism and theft by ensuring your business and personal spaces are completely covered. We’ll use the latest software to give you a sense of safety you can’t find elsewhere.

When you want your property to stay safe even when you’re not there, look no further than our fire and security maintenance services. Making sure your systems stay well within guidelines and regulations, our developed maintenance plans are second to none.

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Regardless of the type of security you need, PD Risk is the place where you can find it all.

One of your local private investigator agencies that offer a range of services, your all-around safety is secure with us. We pride ourselves on being friendly with expert knowledge, meaning your priorities drive every investigation.

A customer-driven approach at our heart, our exceptional attention to detail will provide the true sense of security that you deserve.
For local private investigator agencies that tick all the boxes, contact the team at PD Risk today.

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