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The Insurance Claim Investigator That Works With You, Not Just For You

When it boils down to it, finances are everything. Money makes the world go around, so it’s no surprise that we worry about things out of our control. As far as finances are concerned, the proactive approach to protect yourself against insurance issues is only one step away.

Think insurance fraud; think PD Risk Management.

If someone is behaving suspiciously toward your business or personal interests, it’s within your rights to do what you can to safeguard yourself. When you choose to work with our experienced and highly-trained team, you’re getting a service that doesn’t only work for you — but works with you.

If you’d like to work with a thorough yet approachable insurance claim investigator, contact PD Risk Management today.

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Here’s Why You Should Choose Us

The best things in life come with exemplary customer service, and the team behind PD Risk Management offers no exception. Providing covert surveillance operatives and insurance claim investigators to identify and gather evidence, we’ll be sure to get to the bottom of any financial concerns that you may have.

Your insurance claim investigator will come with years of experience, with our staff hailing from the Royal Marines and Greater Manchester Police Force. We keep to our exceptionally high standards at all costs, ensuring your peace of mind at the highest quality.

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From Real Estate To Individual Fraud

Regardless of why you might need an insurance claim investigator, our skillset for our high-standard investigations extends far and wide. Whether you want to look into someone who’s comprising your personal finances or an employee who’s acting suspiciously around petty cash, there’s the right person and plan waiting for you.

If finances aren’t your primary concern, there are plenty of other ways we can reassure you. From helping to locate a missing person to clear up any spousal doubt, all of our investigations come with the clear, time-stamped evidence that you need.

Services For Your Personal Safety

While discretion is the name of our game, our measures toward your personal safety don’t just stop at surveillance.

As well as finding an insurance claim investigator, you can invest in complete access control management with the help of PD Risk. From the highest quality of CCTV security for your private or commercial premises to house alarm and fire installation, our expert engineers are ready to assist to make you feel as confident as you deserve.

Get In Touch With The Team

Let’s face it — nobody likes to talk about money. But when it comes to working with your very own insurance claim investigator, the devil is in the detail.

No concerns are too big or small for our team of experts to deal with, putting your needs at the forefront of every job we take on. When you’re happy, we’re proud of our work.

Get in touch with PD Risk Management to find the insurance claim investigator that’s the best fit for you.

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