How private detectives carry out pre-matrimonial investigations

Private Investigator Pre Matrimonial Investigations
A relationship is something we can’t do without in our lives. One point or another, we always find ourselves in relationships; it could be a simple, platonic relationship, friendship, father-child relationship, etc. All of these relationships require that we deal with people’s behaviours, attitudes and characters. Some of these things we are satisfied with, some, we can bear and endure, and the others we cannot deal with them at all. An excellent example of these kinds of relationships is a Romantic relationship, and they are often strong relationships that lead to marriage. Before marriage, you must know your partner to a certain point; this way, you would be able to tell if you can live with them while enjoying the relationship or enduring the relationship.

A pre-matrimonial investigation is a way of helping you understand the kind of relationship you will have with your partner. Often, we hire a private detective, and here is the process of having this private detective run a background check on your partner. The work of the detective is to check out your partner’s background to see if there is anything important you should know that you are yet to know. The information will help you see if you still want to get married to them or not. There are a lot of things the detective check out in the process of investigation. They include:

Private Detectives Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Family background

This is usually one of the very first things a private investigation checks out. They seek to find out if there is anything hidden from you in their family. If there are any traits of family disease that could be a thing of concern or if they are usually violent or easily angered. If they kept all of these things from you, a private detective would deliver the information to you, and you can then decide whatever you want to do with it. You do not wish to get married to your partner and start finding out about all these things. You might have to face violence all your life that you may not even be able to deal with!

Social status

The detective checks out the family’s social status if it is high, low or in between. They seek to find out what the others, including neighbours and family members, have to say about them. If they are good people or not, if they live according to the expectation of other people in their community or not. All this matters because once you get married, you get to be a new member of their family too. And one way or the other, what other people think about them would reach you, and you may not be too comfortable with it.

Financial strength

Finances are also one of the crucial things to check. The detective works to find out the financial strength of your partner’s family. A private investigator seeks to know if they have enough money to live and survive or if they are in any debt of any kind. A private detective also checks if they are living on borrowed money or if they are struggling to make ends meet. All of this will help you know if they have their own money and not that they want to live off your money or expect you to start taking full responsibility of their lives after you get married and get their child. You may not care much about this if you find no issue with paying off their debts with your hard-earned money, and you are okay with being responsible for their well being.

Education level

Some people may not care too much about this information as they do not care whether their partner has an education or not. However, for those who care so much about the education level, the private investigator seeks to find out that information too. A private detective will also find out if they indeed went to school and graduated and not that they forged their degrees and certificates, the kinds of schools they attended and the grades they graduated with.

Partner’s habit

A partner’s habit could pass for the most important thing to check because this is what you are proposing to live with all your life. The detective seeks to find out your partner’s habits; they could be good, bad, terrible, etc. They check out if they are heavy smokers or are addicted to alcohol, if they waste money, etc.

Private Detective Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Partner’s past

A private detective will also look into your partner’s past as they check to see if there’s anything of their history that you do not know about. They check to see if they have any child through another person that you don’t know anything about or if your partner were in any kind of cult or have some other lover or old lover they are still seeing and can’t do without. All of these could harm your relationship in the future and have a psychological effect on you. If you know about them and still feel like you can deal with them, it is better than not knowing about them at all.


People cannot easily be trusted, primarily since you have not known them much. One time, you will think you know them enough, and another time, you will discover they are still strangers. Although in relationships that lead to marriage, it is encouraged that you hide nothing from your partner. If they find out what you didn’t tell them, and you were supposed to, it could harm your relationship. To avoid getting shocked after getting married, people usually hire private detectives to do a pre-matrimonial investigation. And it works by having the detective finding out core information that would help you decide if you still want to go into the marriage with your partner or not. Sometimes, this investigation doesn’t necessarily mean that you do not trust your partner; it only means you are taking precautions against future troubles.

28 May, 2024

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