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  • Are you stressed out that your partner may be cheating on you?
  • Are your employees taking sick leaves without any solid reason?
  • Are you hiring someone but unsure about their background?

With our lives getting busier, we no longer have the time or energy to address different areas of grave concerns regularly comprehensively. Some of these areas are critical and, if left unattended, may cause catastrophic repercussions on multiple levels. To avoid such consequences, hiring a reputable investigator who can gather valuable information in time has become necessary and can be considered an investment. However, the big question that remains is, how much is a private investigator going to cost us?

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Determining private investigator costs is not straightforward as buying groceries at a supermarket. How much is a private detective costing depends on several factors: the nature and scale of work, the experience of the investigator, the geography and radius of the investigation, duration of the investigation, and the resources required to conduct the investigation effectively.  Depending upon the investigation, there may be an advance payment before the work commences or a retainer. For some investigations such as process costing, the fixed fee model is a reasonable possibility. This is because the scope and amount of work are predetermined, making it easier to fix a set price on the services to be rendered.

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Generally speaking, the private investigator cost range between £40 per hour and £85 per hour. On the surface, it may seem on the higher side. Fortunately, that is rarely ever the case. The important thing to remember is not the hourly cost but the total duration of hours worked. Reputable investigators can finish their investigations at a much quicker pace compared to cheaper investigators who tend to drag the investigation needlessly until a hefty bill is produced.

At PD Risk Management, we advise and assist our clients with the most cost-effective solutions since your satisfaction is our number one priority. The initial consultations are free, so it is highly recommended to utilise the time effectively by thoroughly discussing the domain of the investigation with us. At the same time, we take care of the rest. Our specialists ensure that they communicate with our clients with utmost empathy and sensitivity throughout the entire process of investigation.

We provide a range of services catering to businesses and individuals, including relationship and matrimonial investigations, employee absenteeism, background criminality checks, track and trace, fraud and embezzlement, theft and asset tracking. Matters on personal relationships such as investigating a cheating partner may take much less time than conducting investigations for monetary fraud, which may require in-depth research across multiple channels.

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