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Friendly. Discreet. Professional. All qualities you want in anyone you work with. Hiring a private investigator may seem like a last resort solution yet can be an effective and direct way of ensuring your peace of mind.

When your gut tells you that something’s not right, you’re probably along the right lines. Thankfully, PD Risk Management are on hand to help.

With years of experience developing the highest standard of surveillance techniques, every PD Risk investigator is approachable and able to guide you through every stage of the service.

To hire a private investigator with a personal touch, contact PD Risk Management today.

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About Us

Mitigating risk is something we take seriously. Providing any kind of personal protective service is an essential part of our job, offering the level of satisfaction that you deserve.

The PD Risk team are friendly, professional, and fully licenced, always willing to go the extra mile to ensure your needs are met. Operating well within the law, our years of experience can be traced back to the Royal Marines and Greater Manchester Police Force.

We believe we’re able to offer a unique bespoke package, working alongside you to design and execute the services that best suit you.

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Discreet Private Investigation

Offering private investigation service across the whole North West of England, there’s no task too big or small for our team.

If you suspect a staff member of taking you for a ride, a spouse of irresponsible behaviour or lying that may cost you a lot of money, PD Risk Management are the people to deal with it. Solving the mysteries of open-end questions is all part of what we do, offering the trustworthy service that you deserve.

Any information you trust us with will be completely confidential once you hire a private investigator. After we’ve received the details we need, our investigators will work alongside you to develop a discreet strategy, delivering time-stamped evidence to help further your case.

More Security Services

From fire and security maintenance to house alarm installation, PD Risk is a one-stop shop for all your personal needs. Secure your home, office, or rental property with full access control, or install CCTV to protect your business.

Looking to go the extra mile in personal security? PD Risk Management also offers executive close protection services, aiming to meet all private and corporate requirements. Highly trained and incredibly efficient, our team are consummate professionals across the board.

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In troubling times, it can be difficult to know what to do for the best. Hire a private investigator to ensure the peace of mind that you’ve been missing.

Trust is a two-way street — and if you aren’t receiving it, you’re well within your rights to take a closer look. Always operating within the law, PD Risk services are the discreet support you need to make those informed decisions.

When you’re looking for professional private investigators that always remain approachable, get in touch with PD Risk Management to see how we can help.

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