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Fire & Security Maintenance Services in Manchester

Safety in your home, office, rental property or any other place is essential. It is vital we take the necessary steps to fight against security risks and damage caused by intruders, fires, burglaries, and many other things.

You need to know that your property is safe at all times, even when you are not physically there. This is where our services come in.

Our Maintenance Services


Fire Alarm Maintenance


Fire & Security Maintenance


Intruder Alarm Maintenance


Access Control Maintenance


CCTV Maintenance

Once the install is complete then the above services can make sure you get peace of mind. We can also take over an existing Installation, give it the once over and advise on the relevant changes required.

Fire Alarm Maintenance in Oldham

This is one of the most important measures when it comes to keeping people and property safe. Fire hazards are very common and if not controlled, can do extensive damage to a property which can take months to restore.

This is why you need to install an excellent compliant Fire Alarm System at your property. However, once you have a Fire Alarm System in place, you also need to be prepared to maintain it, and it is a legal requirement to do so.

Our maintenance contracts can be conducted annually, quarterly or twice a year. We also offer a service where one of our engineers will call and test your system once a week and record this in the site logbook.

Every maintenance plan will ensure that your property is safe, secure, and that your system is operating within the guidelines and regulations.

What’s Included In Our Fire & Security Maintenance Contract

Every single camera is checked to make sure that they are recording properly. They are clean and damage-free.

Date and time are checked on the recorder.

All the detectors and sounders installed are checked to ensure that they are working optimally. Our expert engineers visit your property and check everything with their exceptional knowledge and expertise.

If anything requires replacement, we will ensure it is done right away, as safety should not be taken lightly and when your detectors are working properly a fire can be detected and an early warning given.

The backup power supplies of the alarm system need to be checked during each visit to ensure standby times are compliant and the system performs to a high standard, even during a power cut.

A full database backup is done during each maintenance visit because we know all to well the inconvenience of losing hundreds of users and having to input these again.

During this service, a full walk test of all detection devices is done to ensure correct operation.

Everything our company does is for the safety of your property and more importantly, the people within. Our Fire & Security Systems are expertly Installed, and we only use the latest industry brands with leading technology.

We leave nothing out and make sure that your system is always working so you can be worry-free at all times. Hire us now and get the very best service in Fire & Security Installations and Maintenance.



We have the experience, certification and tools to help you.

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