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Cohabitation Surveillance in Manchester

The days of paying unfair maintenance costs are well and truly over!

Generally speaking, people are honest and forthright about their respective living situations. Existing living situations are highly relevant in several cases, including tenancy, post-divorce settlement, benefit claims and breach of contract, among others. However, certain fraudsters attempt to exploit their situation by falsifying about themselves to attain monetary or personal gain.

This is where cohabitation Surveillance in Manchester comes in. According to laws governing the UK, cohabitation refers to two people who are living together in a union. Marriage is not a requirement for cohabitation purposes though people who are married also fall in the same purview.

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The reason proof of cohabitation is crucial as it establishes a breach of trust/contract in specific cases. This is commonplace in matters including:

  • Tenancy contract where tenants may illegally sublet their rooms
  • Divorce situations where an ex-spouse fails to report their cohabitation situation in order to maximise their support/maintenance payments
  • Solicitor seeking proof of cohabitation for purposes of providing evidence for divorce/custody proceedings


If you have been a victim of misrepresentation, it is essential to know that presenting evidence in a court of law is not straightforward. Establishing proof of cohabitation requires material evidence covered over a reasonable time span. As a rule of thumb, the longer the duration of evidence, the stronger the case would be to establish cohabitation. The recommended criteria are photographic and video evidence collected over a period of 2-3 weeks.

Evidence collected for cohabitation Surveillance in Manchester, covering a couple of visits will not suffice in the court of law. The biggest mistake made by people is the presentation of weak evidence supplemented by low-quality images and videos captured through their mobile phones. Admitting weak evidence may only prove to be detrimental to one’s own case so this area should be approached with the greatest of care and attention.

Professional investigative agencies use advanced camera equipment for covert cohabitation surveillance. AT PD Risk Management, not only are we experts at collecting relevant material evidence, but we carry out our work in line with the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000. Our team of investigators are not only professional but ethical in conducting cohabitation Surveillance in Manchester as well.


As a victim of misrepresentation, you have to ask yourself a simple question. Should I continue to tolerate the unfair maintenance costs without any merit, or should I take control by employing a professional agency that has years of experience handling cases of post-divorce settlement? If the answer is the latter, you can be rest assured our team of investigators will find the right evidence, which will not empower you but put an end to the unfair financial burden once and for all.

We understand it can be slightly unusual to think about using cohabitation Surveillance in Manchester. To address your concerns, our team ensures every query is properly addressed and complete information is provided most transparently. To ensure our clients receive the best available services, we produce and share a comprehensive surveillance report which covers the activities of the cohabitation partners over the entire duration of the investigation.

If you have any questions or confusions, do not hesitate to contact our cohabitation Surveillance in Manchester, and we shall set up an appointment at your convenience.

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