Executive Close Protection Manchester

Close Protection in Manchester

PD Risk Management Ltd provides individual protection, full team protection and technical security systems. This is why our Close Protection service is the perfect choice for all of your Residential Security, business and personal security requirements. We offer private and corporate security in Oldham/Manchester, and we have provided this service to many clients over the years.

About Our Executive Close Protection Service

Most of our team members have served in both the Military & Police and are highly trained and efficient. We also have operatives who have not served in either, because we are fully aware of how soft critical skills can be to our clients, either way, their knowledge in this matter is unparalleled. They all have a Security Industry Authority (SIA) Licence as a minimum requirement to work with us.

Apart from having the required credentials, they have also been trained in:


Basic Life Support


Emergency First Aid


Trauma Management


Patient Handover


Oxygen Delivery


Covert Surveillance


Counter and Anti-Surveillance

Even if these skills are not used, we still expect our operatives to be ready for any situation so they can act quickly and accordingly.

Why hire us?

We provide a vast range of other services which include Intruder Alarm Systems, CCTV, Access Control Systems, Fire Alarms and much more. With the ability to provide our clients with these services, as well as Residential and Personal Security, you can rest assured, knowing, we have covered all aspects of your home, business and personal safety.


All of our Close Protection Officers, Engineers and Private Investigators are extremely discreet. This is an essential part of any package we offer and we take time to tailor them to your requirements. We take operational security very seriously and it is a key part of any of our plans and therefore nothing relating to our clients will ever become public or discussed with any third party.

Detailed planning

If you decide to engage our services, we will discuss with you, our plan down to the last detail. As experts in this field, we know how disastrous it can be if we don’t have all the information and plan for every eventuality. During the planning phase, things like timings, venues, route selection, protocols and positions etc will all be discussed, so the more information that is provided the more efficient the delivery will be.

We keep people, properties, and assets safe

We offer protection for assets and property as well as individuals. Assets can be anything in which you hold dear. Sentimental valuables if lost or stolen can be heartbreaking and have a detrimental effect. With a well-drilled security team and high-end security system, your valuables will be well protected. We can track them in transit so you can monitor their location at all times.

We provide a bespoke package for every client because we know everybody’s circumstances are different. We provide a friendly, discreet and professional service to all our clients.​ As mentioned above, most of our Executive Close Protection Operatives come from Military backgrounds and we also employ those with a Police background. Although the above is always considered we do in special circumstances employ those with neither, as we are aware how valuable soft skills can be. I can guarantee that whoever we employ they will all have had extensive Close Protection training to the highest Standards. ​As a minimum our male and female officers have an SIA licence and are all trained in BLS and Emergency First Aid including trauma management, oxygen delivery and patient handover. Our unique position of providing CCTV, Access Control and Intruder Alarm Systems, as well as personal protection makes us the perfect choice for all your Residential Security requirements. All of our services, especially this one, exist to make your life easier and stress free.

If you want to protect anything or anyone you love, then contact us now to discuss our services. We will tailor our service just for you and provide you with the very best in Close Protection and Residential Security in Manchester.



We have the experience, certification and tools to help you.

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