Access Control Manchester

Access Control Systems Manchester

If you want to reduce the risk of vandalism and theft on your property, then you can get an access control system installed. Or you need to place it in your workplace to give access to selected employees in some areas. This is where our service comes in handy and you can get our access control system installed in multiple locations.

Whoever has control can access it through either a card or fob or a mixture of both. Here is how you can benefit from our access control system:


Expert installation engineers

We have access to the latest software
Secure various points in one location

Here at PD Risk Management, we can control who enters your premises by installing an Access Control System. This can be either by an Intercom System at the front door or the gate secured access through specified doors by means of a fob or card or a mixture of both. Either stand-alone or controlled by a PC in a secure location.

All our engineers have extensive knowledge of both and are registered Paxton Installation engineers giving us access to the latest software available.

All our systems are installed with the latest software and technology. We aim to provide you with the kind of security and safety that you will not find anywhere else. Hire our services now and see for yourself how efficient and affordable our systems are!



We have the experience, certification and tools to help you.
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